End of sporting year ideas

Netball charm (chr-0263) on 45cm LCD-40 necklace-750

The Olympics are nearly over and Usain Bolt has quite probably placed himself as the most talented athlete of all time. Who knows how long it will take to find someone who could achieve the remarkable record he has set on the track? On a local level, many sporting teams are also coming to the end of their own seasons. Often the year end presentations amount to the handing out of trophies or … [Read more...]

On Sale Now

We have limited stock of the following products and they are all priced to clear. 50cm sterling silver 'GM' necklace 7.5mm wide, 33g - ONE available - $160   60cm sterling silver curb necklace 6.9mm wide, 81g - One Available - $400   19cm curb bracelet with filigree padlock 6.6mm wide, 23g - TWO available - $115   9ct Yellow gold Eye of Horus … [Read more...]

Men’s Chains on a Budget

dollar pendant

Today I had a lady enquire about buying a gold chain necklace for her partner. She had a budget of around $500 to $800 and was determined to find something in that price range come hell or high water. We normally recommend that a necklace for a man is at least 5mm thick, anything less than that can lack masculinity. As men would usually wear a necklace around 55cm to 60cm in length, the minimum … [Read more...]

Young Girls and Marriage Breakdowns


How can you stay close to your daughter when time and distance push you apart? A charm bracelet may just hold the key to her heart. The separation of parents can make it more difficult for fathers to maintain a close relationship with their daughters. It normally means you will spend less time together and sometimes you may even live at a distance that makes regular face to face visits … [Read more...]