Jewellery Care


We often get enquiries from our customers at Chain Me Up as to how to properly care for their jewellery. The first and most important thing we advise is to store their jewellery correctly. The worst thing you can do is just throw all your pieces into a box or drawer. This can lead to scratches as silver and gold are quite soft and are easily damaged by scraping on the much harder stones such as … [Read more...]

Charms for life

gold bracelet and charms

A quality gold or silver charm bracelet will last a lifetime and will carry the individual memories of each of your achievements. Sometimes charms are collected just because they are beautiful, but much more often the reason is much more important. Birthdays, weddings, a love of a particular sport, the musical instrument or graduating with a degree are just some of the reasons your charm bracelet … [Read more...]

Rural Jewellery Shopping


Living in rural Australia has so many benefits, clean fresh air, little traffic, room to run free and massive gardens to plant out all manner of fruit trees and vegetable gardens. One of the downsides that comes with living away from major cities though is the lack of amenities and access to great shopping opportunities. With the explosion of the internet and better access to high speed … [Read more...]

Handmade Jewellery


Creating a range of handmade sterling silver earrings and bracelets has given us a chance to develop new skills and expand the range of jewellery we have in our online store. We begin with spools of 100% recycled sterling silver wires in different gauges and some pre-made findings. We chose to not create our own findings as the ones that are readily available suit our needs and reduce the … [Read more...]