How To Read a GIA Diamond Grading Report


The diamonds for sale at Chain Me Up are graded for your information, but as they are below 1 carat they do not have a GIA report due to the cost involved in obtaining one. GIA is the creator of the famous four C’s of diamond value and the international diamond grading system which sets the standards for diamond grading, making us the world’s most respected independent authority on diamond … [Read more...]

If Jewellery Commercials Were Honest

Thought this was funny, and not that far from the truth in many high end jewellery stores that play on your emotions. Let me guess, shopping for someone special? These are some pretty rocks we found. They can't be used for anything and they all cost an exorbitant amount of money. Some come in shapes and others come with metal wrapped around them. To get them we turn a blind eye to child … [Read more...]

Gold Necklace Extenders


It can be difficult to know exactly what length you should choose when purchasing a solid gold necklace. Often the length will be dictated by the choice of the pendant it carries. You know exactly where the pendant should sit against your chest, and the length of the necklace chain is selected to accommodate this. Being able to buy a necklace of an exact length is one of the major advantages of … [Read more...]

Starting a Jewellery Business


Wow, it's now 7 years since I launched my online jewellery store and a lot has changed since day one. I really thought it would be easy, I had a long and varied computer background and well understood (or so I thought) how to create webpages, manage a server and hack the odd program to make it work the way that I wanted, not the way the original programmer intended. Seems easy enough. Prior … [Read more...]