Statistics show that the number of births is highest around September and October. I wonder if that coincides with the Christmas holiday season and possibly the increased consumption of alcohol? This means of course that there are also more Virgos, Librans and Scorpios than the other star signs. Maybe it's your birthday at this time of year and you would like to celebrate with a new birthday … [Read more...]

Fancy Chains on Sale


We need to update our photos for our fancy antique, fancy link and fancy gate solid gold chains. Our current photos are from the manufacturers catalogue and we want to take our own images to match the others we have built up over the past 12 months. Until Sunday the 27th of September 2015, we are offering 15% off all of our fancy chain styles so we can take new photos. Choose from yellow … [Read more...]

Secret Jewellery Buying


How do you buy jewellery as a secret gift for a loved one without them knowing what you are up to? It's not always easy when you may not know their size when buying a ring for example. Sometimes the jewellery they wear is not their favourite design but they have a sentimental reason for wearing it, maybe they would prefer something completely different? To make choosing a present a little … [Read more...]

On-line Ring Size Checker


Our on-line ring size checker allows you to find out the size of your ring simply by holding it against your screen. You first need to adjust the size of the image for accurate results. Go to the on-line ring size checker page and drag the bottom right corner of the image so that your credit card fits exactly into the bottom box. The coloured circle that just fits inside your ring is its … [Read more...]