The Best Earring Styles For Your Face

One of the things that I’ve wanted to do for a really really long time is do a video on what earrings you can wear and so often here in the shop, see customers walk in and they have no idea what kind of earrings look good on them and what they can wear and really get them to think outside of their boundaries and they leave here with earrings bigger than they ever thought they could wear.

I came up with this device with this chart to show you the easiest way to try and figure out some of the earrings you can wear that you probably don’t think you can wear right now. The first thing you are going to want to do is you’re going to find the widest place on your face. What we did is a chart here and it’s not terribly complicated. Here we’re showing a lot of times, this is a diamond or oval shape, the widest part of her face is her forehead. In this particular face and this lends itself more to the ovals and the rounds, is it is right across the cheek line. This is very important for you to know and also in a square type shape you’re wider down at the bottom.

The reason this is terribly important that you understand these things is that it is going to help you with the proportions and the length of the type of earrings that you can wear. When we talk about balance and proportion it’s also important to understand your jaw line and what that is. There are 3 types of jaw line, there’s a square jaw line which you see in a square face. There’s a rounded jaw line and all of this is going to affect the shape and the length of the earring you can wear, and also there’s a more pointed.

I want you to consider that when you start to see some of the earrings that we’re going to show you on these faces. I told you the most important thing you have to work with to decide the proportion and the right earring is where is the widest area of your face. I thought, let’s take these in detail and put some earrings to them to show you how it works.

In this particular case the widest area is at the forehead and this is a narrower chin line. This is important because this actually is a very popular face style. What a lot of what we see now will work with this and also some other ones that have narrower jaw lines. The area I look at when I’m looking at where I’m going to put the balance of the earring is right in this area here, where I’m looking to put some kind of detail. The weight of my earring, the bulk of the weight of my earring I want to do here in this particular face style, not up here.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing because one of the things I was taught by a jeweller in Italy was the closer the jewellery goes to your eyes the more you emphasise your eyes. The longer your jewellery goes down, the more it’s going to emphasise your face. This is a sexier look, this is a more romantic look so that’s something to consider that’s beyond of what we can wear.

Let’s do some particular jewellery lines. This is a bigger one, I’m going to tell you I don’t do little very well, and if I do little, I do it with a bright colour because the only times I do little is if I have a really ornate necklace and it calls for just a little bit of light at my face but the focal point is the necklace. In a situation like this if you can see I put an earring like this on its filling the area that I’m talking about, this is very flattering. In fact it doesn’t really show it here, but when this does on a tilt, this is very sexy and I also like earrings that have movement. This is a nice earring as you can see with this particular style. It’s not necessarily that you can only wear that wider, here is another style that I really like. This goes with a lot of them. I’m going to try to do this without dropping him but you can see what’s happening. Again it’s filling in and it’s down in this area here which gives us the most attractive look. It’s also filling a lot of colour to the face, it helps with your skin tones.

Your hair colour is going to make a little difference. This is one of the ones I hear that people can’t wear all the time. It’s a long one but it’s very popular. We get a lot of people, see what’s happening here? Your neck will be affected, if you have a shorter neck you don’t want to get too much under here in this particular type earring but a lot of times if you expose your neck and have your neck line exposed you can wear these a little lower because it’s going to settle a little bit on your neckline. You wouldn’t do this if you have a collar because it’s going to be in the way all the time and I think you’re going to be a little self conscious, but it’s really pretty.

If you want to do that with a collar, this is a great one. This can be as long as you want it and I’ve sold these very, very, long where they were draping down almost to the shoulder.  You see you don’t have to worry because the balance of the earring is up in the jaw line, filling it in and doesn’t she look pretty with that colour? This chain can be as long as you want, I’ve sold them all the way down so this is another pretty look with this one.

There is a trend more so to clip these days. The reason for that is when you do a pierced; it’s going to pull the earring down. Some of these bigger earrings are a little weightier so you need to do a clip. Also a pierced earring can never be positioned exactly on the ear. It’s only going to be wherever your hole is or where ever it pulls down. This idea of a clip being where you can actually position this on the ear where ever you want is really nice because you can put it in detail to your face.

There are earrings that have right and left. The ideal way is to have your earring, and this is a good example, flowing always into your face. See how it looks if it is on this side? So on this earring you want to make sure whatever you’re doing, so it always wants to be flowing into your face. This is a lot of tips for how you want to wear it for this particular style and this is an easy one to show.

The widest part in a round shape is across the cheek line and this shape is a little more demanding. You have to consider if you have a shorter or longer neckline and your hair becomes extremely important in this. One of the easy things right off the bat is, if you don’t do anything, is that you want to start thinking about that area that you have which is right in here. Notice that it’s dropped lower and it’s a little smaller than it would be especially now that might be bigger if you have a longer neck, so you have to take that into consideration.

Here we have an area and see how pretty this looks, I like a geometric shape when you have a round face because it’s a contrast to the round and it pulls away with that constantly doing that. Another area here that’s always good is if you’re going to wear round earrings, it’s always lucky if you have short hair cuts and you can bring the weight where they’re going to widen you out up here. This will help you a lot to wear more types of earrings too.

Another thing that’s different about this hairdo and I’m going to use one of the other earrings, this shape I should say, is you really want to drop. If you have a long neck and a round face I definitely would be wearing the longest earring you can possibly get, because it’s really going to help you. Look at the difference between this and if you drop this earring down here. Again, I’m going to emphasise clip where you can position the earring exactly where you want to. This can be very very pretty and I just might point it out to you, this is definitely very romantic because this is the widest part, so whenever you emphasise up here remember it’s romantic.

These little round faced people are going to be sexy all the time because they’re going to have longer earrings to draw it out. We’ve come to the part now where it’s mostly identified with square faces and it’s where the widest part of you is at the bottom or around your chin line. This is usually accompanied by more of a rounded or squared chin line. What we want to do here is opposite of what we’ve done with the last two faces. We want to bring the weight away from the widest part of your face and bring it up here more towards your eyes and closer to the ear.

Just to show you the difference, here’s an earring we used in one of the others and when we were using it, we were using it like this; we were using the weight to drop down in this area and as you can see with this particular type of jaw line, it’s not as good. If we move it up and bring the weight up around the chin line, look how much better that earring looks. It’s really important to understand that you want to keep the weight away from the widest part of your face and it really show here.

Another good example that we used in one of the others, and this was when we used this one in the round, is remember how we used it in the round, we showed it here and it fit in so nicely. It doesn’t look as well here, look how much better it looks if we take the weight and put it at the top. Again, keeping it in the wider part. Remember a lot of eye makeup here will be very pretty because you’re going to be emphasising your eyes a lot when you have a square face.

Another one that shows it and this also emphasises that you need a left and a right earring. Now a lot of people think you should bring this shorter here but it doesn’t because the line, it goes out. This is one of those right, but remember we have the weight up by the ear, this is the right side for this earring , that goes into the face and look how pretty that is.

These are just some of the ideas we have that can show you the kinds of earring you can wear. You can wear bolder earrings and then the right place and you don’t feel uncomfortable. Showing you some earrings that you can wear with certain face shapes to get you the best results but most important is you shouldn’t be missing an opportunity to make yourself look more beautiful.

Video Credit – Marilyn Hellman