Cleaning Jewellery

Cleaning jewellery is more than just removing tarnish from sterling silver. It can be restoring the shine to an item that has been knocked about or removing foreign matter that has got under a diamond in an engagement ring.


Ionic cleaners very quickly remove tarnish from silver and restore the shine to gold and silver jewellery that has a layer of dirt, grime or sweat. They use a special solution and electrolysis and take about 5 seconds to clean silver and about 30 seconds to clean gold jewellery.


Ultrasonic cleaners are great for removing dirt from within areas that are hard to reach with a polishing cloth. Where an item of jewellery (like a gold chain) has many difficult to reach areas, the ultrasonic cleaner is the perfect tool to get into all those nooks and crannies and blast the grime away.


Tumblers are chiefly used to remove casting marks from charms, rings or any other piece that has been manufactured by lost wax casting techniques. They run for 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the amount of finishing that is required. They work by either rotating or vibrating, and that drives the jewellery being polished against a (usually) stainless steel shot. The effect of this is a gentle ‘hammering’ of the jewellery which slightly hardens the outer layer of the precious metal and creates a beautiful shine. This works really well on charms, pendants and necklace or bracelet chains.

Please see the cleaning techniques page on our main website for a more detailed article.