7 Jewellery Mistakes Men Make

So what’s the biggest mistake that men make in your opinion when it comes to jewellery?

Guys, write it down in the comments below before we get too deep into this video. I’m curious because in this video I’ve got 7 common mistakes that men make when it comes to jewellery and I’m going to flip those around and I’m going to give you 7 tips on how you can wear jewellery and look great.

So my goal with today’s video gentlemen is to point out the mistake and then flip that around and show you how to use it to your advantage because I want you to think about this. Hopefully I’m going to challenge a few of your concepts when it comes to when to wear jewellery, how should it be worn and even a little about what it actually does.

Now when it comes to jewellery what I’m talking about in this video; bracelets, talking about watches, gold necklaces, we’re talking about rings. Basically ornamental pieces that send a signal and that takes me to mistake number one.

Mistake number one that men make when it comes to jewellery is they assume that it is feminine. Somehow if you’re wearing a necklace, if you’re wearing a bracelet, that this is in the realm of women. That a man should only wear maybe a wedding ring or that he should only maybe wear a watch. Guys, that cannot be further from the truth. We look historically, jewellery, rings all of this stuff it has symbolised power, it has symbolised status, it has symbolised wealth, it has symbolised where you came from and what family you’re a part of. We go back thousands of years, we look at ancient burial sites, where you will find the heads of the tribe. They were buried with their beads, they were buried with the teeth or the bones of the animals they had killed.

More modern, we see that if you were rich, if you could afford to have gold jewellery, you were perceived as a higher level status person in society. Now today, especially in the modern American society, we tried to move away from that but understand that people still pick up on this. There are many parts of the world where this is still a big deal. Understand that for many people when you wear this, it is still a symbol of status.

Mistake number two that men make when it comes to jewellery is that they don’t wear it with confidence. Gentlemen, you have to believe in what you’re wearing and you need to practice wearing it. Two parts there, first off you have to like the jewellery, it has to be something that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re like, ‘I like the way that looks’, then this part too, you need to practice wearing it. The first time you start to wear a bracelet it’s going to feel odd the first day. After the second day you’re not going to notice it as much and by the third day, you don’t even notice it at all until someone actually compliments you on it. Until somebody says ‘hey that’s a nice bracelet’ or ‘where did you get that, can I see it’ and that’s the cool part. When you start to wear it with confidence it becomes a second skin, it becomes a conversation piece. Now guys, this video is brought to you by Zorrata, they’re the ones that sent me this bracelet. I’ve got some other ones here so if you go check out their website, let me know which bracelet in particular you like, I’ve got some I’m going to be getting rid of and you guys know what that means, I’m going to send them to you guys but you need to go to their website. Did you like their royal collection, did you like their lion collection. What do you think of their anchor bracelets and by the way their anchor bracelets are one of the most popular sellers. It’s a very simple bracelet, let’s start off with, I know many opf you guys love the look of the anchor bracelet, there’s actually a unique stone set right into the anchor. What I love about bracelets like this guys, is they’re not going to break the bank but they will definitely level up your style if you can pull it off with confidence.

The third mistake that men make when it comes to jewellery is they don’t pay attention to the situation. Understand that if you’re going into an interview and it’s a conservative industry that you wearing a whole bunch of rings, having a nose ring, having earrings, just having jewellery all over the place. It may not send the signal and yes you can say ‘they shouldn’t judge me based off this’ but I understand that people are human. They will judge you, pay attention to those details. Understand that if you go into another culture, if you go into another country they may not perceive that in a positive light.

Mistake number 4 is over accessorising and this basically is wearing too much and not allowing individual pieces to shine. What I mean by that is you can wear less and allow each piece to shine. A lot of guys may like to wear quite a few bracelets or maybe they’re going to go for quite a few necklaces, I like to keep it simple. In addition I like to spread things out, so if I want to wear a watch on one side then that’s where I would wear the bracelet on the other. Now some of you guys are saying ‘Now Antonio, I just love all my pieces and I’m going to wear them all at the same time.’ To me you should have a rotation, especially if you’ve got a few favourite necklaces; you maybe have a few favourite bracelets. Find a rotation that works for you, don’t wear everything at once.

Mistake number 5 is not wearing the ‘right’ piece of jewellery for you. You want to pay attention to proportion, you want to pay attention to skin tone. So proportion, what do I mean by this? I’ve got two bracelets right here. I was sent both of these by the sponsor and Zarrata, when I looked at these, I’m like you know, very similar bracelets, but the one I decided to wear and I’ve been wearing is a little bit smaller.

I’ve talked about this, I am relatively a smaller guy, especially when it comes to wrist size. So because of this I don’t want to wear something that’s oversized or gaudy but if you’re six foot five, 300 pounds and you’ve got huge 8 inch wrists, well in that case, you want to make sure the watch, you want to make sure that whatever you’re wearing is going to be sized appropriately. Otherwise it’s just going to look too small.

When it comes to skin tone you either are cool tone or you’re warm tone. For me the easiest way to look at this is to look at your blue veins. If you can see the blue in your veins, most likely you’re cool toned. If you’re warm toned, you’re not going to be able to see them very well, but what colours have you always naturally gravitated towards gold or have you gone towards silver?

The  6th mistake men make when it come to jewellery is that they do not maintain it. Guys, this is abig one. It can cost you a lot of money especially if you have some precious stones in your rings. Now my wedding ring, relatively very simple, no stones in it but my wife’s engagement ring I can tell you I spent a lot of money on that thing and I did notice that her stone is starting to become loose. I’m going to take it into the jeweller and they’re going to basically tighten it up and make sure that stone doesn’t fall out. Even if you don’t have stones, understand that you don’t want to be using toothpaste and yes it may give that initial first clean, but that’s so abrasive it’s going to damage oftentimes a lot, it’s can actually damage the metal. If you spent a lot of money on your jewellery you want to take it to a jeweller who can treat it with respect and use the right materials. Things like alcohol cleaners, the problem if you’ve got opal, if you’ve got turquoise, if you’ve got emeralds, these are very delicate stones that can be damaged if you don’t treat them correctly. The worst thing is when you try to take care and you do it yourself and you end up damaging. Take your stuff into a professional jeweller.

Finally, mistake number 7 gentlemen is don’t shower or wash with jewellery. So with this bracelet right here, it has an elastic band in it. I’m not going to be mistreating this, I’m not going to be throwing it in hot and cold water. It will basically cut the life of this significantly, the same actually for many of your rings. They are going to get soap scum on them, underneath some of the stones that are also going to lose their brilliance because you’re going to get hard water on there. Anyone who does any type of cleaning jewellery can tell you that it’s some of the hardest stuff to remove.

Video Credit – Real Men Real Style