5 Tips for Choosing Necklaces

Sometimes it’s hard to know just how to choose a necklace to match you outfit or your body type. Imogen explains really simply how the length and style of necklace can be used to your advantage and how some styles should be avoided.

Hi this is Imogen Lamport from inside out style blog and I’m just going to talk to you a little about something as simple as the necklace and how communicating and also drawing attention on your body. So if I’m wearing a fairly plain top like this and I’m wearing just a small or delicate necklace it’s not a real feature of my outfit, not something you really, really, notice and so it’s not doing a lot to draw attention to my portrait area and ideally we want to always be drawing attention to our portrait area.

So, if I just take this off and say I went with a choker, of course a choker necklace is going to draw attention to my neck. Now I’m quite lucky, I’ve got a long fairly slim neck. I can wear a choker, it cuts up the space if you have a very long neck. A choker can be great to stop that length appearing quite so long. If you have a shorter or wider neck, you’ll probably find that a choker isn’t your best option.

It works with some necklines but not all up all others, particularly something that’s kind of high and then you’ve got a choker sitting on top. It’s not a great look; you need something either a bit lower or a collar. You can work with a collar quite well but it’s definitely drawing attention, you’ll notice to your neck. So you don’t want your neck to be the feature then avoid the choker option.

Now it’s stuck in my earring! So if we’ve been thinking about, if I’m going to wear something longer. If I have a large bust the thing I don’t want to do is to draw attention to that bust area. Now I can wear something long but I need to make sure there’s a feature up higher which is why when I made this necklace. I’ve popped this rose up here because what is does is draw your attention up above the bust area and it’s a decent enough scale that it works with a larger bust. So can wear things that are longer and I think with a high neckline like this it looks nice to create a lower neckline because this relates to the balance points where you want to have kind of one head length between the length of your face and where the necklace ends there, but having something up high draws attention up and this rose is also around my first balance point. So this draws attention up into that portrait area but also it can work quite well with a larger bust or of course with a smaller bust.

Now, if I pop on something like this which is a pendant. What you’ll notice is because the chain is thin, the focal point is down here on my tummy. If you have a protruding tummy, a rounded tummy, or you rather your tummy was not the place people looked at, then don’t wear a necklace like this. So a long pendant is not flattering on someone who has a tummy because it draws attention down. In fact what I would do, you know, if I was wearing this is I would actually shorten the chain up and put it up here in my portrait area to draw attention up.

Do think about where especially when it’s a pendant, where does it fall because it does really create a focal point. You can see what a difference that makes about where you want to look.

But I could wear something like this which is fairly similar in length but what it does, because it has detail up high, has more larger detail up and there’s nothing specific down here at the end. It means it creates a balance with the focal point so you’re not just staring at my tummy. It actually, you know, has large chunks up high so it actu7ally draws your attention up.

Or if I’m really wanting to draw attention up I can wear a big feature statement piece like this which sits in the portrait area and draws attention to my face. Now this is a very dramatic piece in a way and so if your personality isn’t dramatic don’t go that way but also it’s made for many smaller elements. So rather than just being one imagine if it was like imagine a big solid plate it would feel really too big on me because I don’t have really large scale features. But because it’s made of more smaller elements, many small pieces, small and medium sized dots and feathers I can get away with the scale because it suits the drama in my personality and the creativity in my personality without overwhelming me with its scale.

So there’s just a few little tips to think about when you’re choosing your necklaces.