Sport And Games Charms

Sports fans everywhere love to show off their team spirit. Their game rooms are usually decorated in sports memorabilia ranging from full-sized cardboard cut-outs of their favourite players, to headgear and matching snack food bowls. Some even go so far as to decorate their entire home with team colours and game merchandise, including sports themed Christmas trees during the holidays. It’s this love of the game that makes fans want to commemorate their favourite sport with sentimental pieces they can carry with them everywhere, namely charm bracelets.

Charms are a great way to show people your interests; with all the different types out there, there’s a charm for pretty much anything. Sports charms let you show off your passion with style. Although charms are typically thought of as female-only, the popularity of charms and sports jewellery appeals equally to men. The Super bowl Ring is one of the most well-known pieces of sports jewellery, and NFL players who are on the winning team each receive a ring as a sign of victory. Other sports that grant the winners commemorative jewellery include baseball, hockey and basketball.

Ages young and old can enjoy a sports addition to their charm bracelet. But what kind of charms are available, and what are the benefits of adding these pieces to your jewellery collection?

Types of Sports Charms

  • Active sports: These types of charms include the more well-known sports like football, baseball and basketball. Do you have a child who likes tennis? Buy them a tennis racket charm they’ll wear and love all the way to the big match at the championships. Football fans will love a cleat or helmet charm. There are even charms for sports like curling, fencing and diving.
  • Outdoor sports: These are the sports that find participants in the elements of nature. Activities like skiing and sailing have competitions for avid fans, so why not get your favorite sailor a boat or anchor charm? Surfers will feel a wave of pride when they wear their surfboard charm to their next championship, or they can simply show their love for the sport. A gold pair of skis or snowboard is a wonderful gift for your winter sports fan.
  • Fitness sports: Staying in shape doesn’t have to be all work and no play; it can be stylish and fun as well! Jazz up your morning jog with a charm in the form of a pair of tennis shoes, or if you’re more into yoga or weightlifting, a nice tatami mat or set of barbells is just as good. For the cyclist in your life, there are plenty of bicycle designs they’re sure to love.
  • Leisure activities: If you or your loved ones are fans of sports like scuba diving, fishing or canoeing, sports charms can be a great addition to your current charm bracelet. If you like to play table tennis from time to time, there’s a charm for that. Got a favourite hiking spot? There’s a charm for that too. Camp fire or tent charms are a nice reminder of all those outdoorsy vacations you took with family and friends. These charms make your bracelet collection playful and fun.

Benefits of Sports Charms

Show your team pride: Nothing says you’re proud of your team or sport like wearing it on your sleeve, or rather, your wrist. Everyone will know which team is yours when you flash your Wildcat charm with a smile on your face. You can also buy special charms for team player positions, such as goal keeper, coach or team captain. Your child will feel even more valued by displaying how they contribute to the team!

  • Accomplishment and reward: Add an extra reward on with the championship trophy you received. Sports charms can be a good way to remind you and your loved ones of accomplishments in a particular sport. Just as professional players display their championship rings or game trophies, you can also show off your achievements with a gold or silver trophy charm or team symbol. That game day win is made all the more special with an addition to your charm bracelet. It can even improve the wearer’s self esteem when they look at their bracelet and remember how well they did.
  • The love of the game: Sometimes, it’s just nice to show how much you love something. If you know someone who enjoys a particular sport or activity, consider gifting them with a charm that matches their interests. They’re sure to appreciate it just as much as they do their sport of choice. Charm bracelets make great Christmas and birthday gifts for kids of any age. Give your little princess a sparkling basketball charm so she can show off her team spirit to friends.

Chain Me Up offers several varieties of sports charms for every activity, and you’ll love our selection that includes all of your favourites. Anything from ballerina slippers to curling to basketball charms are available, so pick up a special gift for your sports fan today!